Mundane Ideas and Their Usefullness


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I have read a lot of blogs.  I love to read Lifehacker, Gizmodo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog and several of the christian hack sites including Mister Nifty.  They have all been great about helping me discover new applications and the latest tech news, but some of the most helpful posts that I have read are about simple workflows that have great utility.  In this spirit, I plan on including these mundane and simple ideas that have been highly useful for me in hopes that they would also benefit others.  I am also hopeful that there would be critique and ingenuity that would move us all forward.  Please comment with your thoughts.

While pondering the mundane, it would also be good to note that absolutely no one reads this blog now.  I do mean NO ONE.  While I hope that there will be others in the future that would find these thoughts useful and that a community of people with common interests and vision would collaborate here, I am under no illusion that these entries are for anyone other than myself at this time.  If and when this blog finds followers, I hope you will also offer your suggestions for improvements or how you have found this to be helpful.

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