Why you should have a Dropbox account

Why you should have a Dropbox account

dropbox1Convinced?  Download it here Dropbox.

For the rest of you, you can take the tour.

Here’s my simple way of understanding dropbox.

It creates a folder on your computer the syncs to your web account.  If you have more than one computer, it will also sync those files to whatever computer that you designate.  There are apps on iOS and Android that will also allow you to access your files there.

Key concept 1: Access to your files most anywhere.

Key concept 2:  Sharing your files with others.  Within dropbox you can share a folder and whatever files are in that folder will be synced between you and all who are authorized.  Great for group projects or making important files available to those who need them.

My wife is the pastor of our church.  Together we print the bulletins weekly.  She creates the bulletin and saves it in the dropbox folder.  When it’s time to print, I open the Dropbox folder on my computer and print to our color printer.  No need to attach files to emails or swap thumb drives.  Any file updates are synced within seconds or within a few minutes with large files or slow connections.

If you are wondering if Anna and I share all of our files, we don’t.  We have different tastes in ebooks therefore that folder remains unshared.  However, the folder of sample Lenten bulletin cover images is shared with the staff at my former church.

Honestly, I had no idea how many ways this would be useful when I first signed up.  Now I can’t imagine not using it.  My recommendation is to sign up and try it out.  I’m certain you will be thankful for all the ways you never imagined it would help you.

By the way did I mention it is free?  It comes with 2GB of free storage and there are ways to freely increase your capacity.  You have the option to purchase additional space as you need it.  One of the ways to increase your free storage is to refer friends.  If Dropbox sounds like a good solution for you, I’d appreciate it if you would use the following link to sign-up:  http://db.tt/bviJKbDB.  If you feel more comfortable you can also sign up dropbox.com.

Merry dropboxing!

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