Consolidating all of your email addresses and accounts into a Super Gmail Account

I have at least a dozen active email addresses.  Some are common addresses, such as, others are associated with unique domain names like  Even with all of these separate accounts from a number of sources, I only have to search one email account for my emails

You can achieve this result by forwarding your emails from another account or by utilizing the pop3 collection from Gmail.

1)  I often set-up forwarding emails for those you have a work email address, but are unlikely to remember to check it.  For example Jane has and when Jane came to work for me, she now has  Her clients and coworkers will expect to email her at, but she’d prefer to just receive any emails with her @home account.  With her new @work email, many services have a setting to forward all email to another address.  Within the Gmail environment, you can even forward and archive any incoming email.  This was her work email account will have a record of any emails she received, but she will receive any email to her work address in her home email.

2)  The preferred method (if available) is to collect your email in your Gmail account just as you would in Outlook or other mail programs.  Basically, any email that is sent to @work will be collected in the @gmail account.  This is a great option for those internet provider email accounts that you never check, but may contain important information.  So any email account will immediately be collected in my Gmail account.

You might ask, why would I forward or use Pop3 to consolidate all of my mail when I can simply add additional accounts to Outlook or my iPhone, they both handle multiple email addresses.  You can use this method, but the biggest advantage to consolidation is simply that everything is consolidated.  If I need to check on an email that was sent to either my @work or @home or @random email address, I can utilize the search features in my single Gmail account to find it.  Also when you have all of your email addresses consolidated into a single Gmail account, you only need to setup a single email account on your iPhone, Outlook or other device.

One last comment about this method, if you are concerned about sending work email from your home account, Gmail allows you to send an email using your work email address.  Within settings, look for the feature to “Send Mail As.”  You will need to verify that you own the account, but then you can choose where your outgoing emails will be addressed from.

Consolidating your emails into one place makes sense logically and will save you a lot of time and heartache.

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