Sorry for the Hiatus

I’ve been away from this blog for a long time.  Recent events and conversations have offered me new impetus to return to posting again.

What you will see now is answers to questions I receive and things I’m really excited about.  Plus resources that I think will be useful for folks interested in technology all different skill levels.

There’s one more area that I hope to write about in the future — living with Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult.  I continually struggle with having ADD in a world of folks who don’t and don’t necessarily understand what it means to live with this condition.  What’s more meaningful to me lately is a slew of folks who have shared their struggle with me in hopes of finding resolution or seeking methods, means and tools to help in their journey.  If nothing else, I have spent a lot of time seeking and discovering systems and tools to help me live my life.  I hope by sharing what works for me, others may benefit as well.

This is my vision and I am writing it here to help clarify my thinking and to encourage others to hold me to it.

Here we go . . . again.

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